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Insurance, Qualifications and CRB

Cancellation & Refunds


  1. What areas do you travel to?

    We travel to all of Greater Manchester and most parts of the North West.

    We do not travel to Cumbria or other parts of the UK that are not part of the North West region.

  2. How do I book?

    You can send us a message on facebook, text or call us using the details on our contact page to see if your chosen date and time are available for your area and chosen princess.

    We will ask for the following details in order to provide a quote for your party:

    Which package and princess you require, your venue address with full post code, number of children attending, your daughter's first name.

  3. Do I need to pay a deposit?

    Yes, to secure your booking we require a deposit to be paid which ensures no one else can book your Princess for that time, if a deposit is not paid within 2 days your reservation will be cancelled. 

  4. I live more than 20 miles away from your office.

    Our packages include upto 20 miles from our office (40 miles in total to include to and from). If your venue is more than 20 miles away, you will incur an additional charge.

    We include upto 30 minutes travel time (1 hour in total to include to and from) if your venue is more than 30 minutes from our office you will incur a time charge. 

    Princess Visits, Appearances and Breakfasts are only available for bookings within Greater Manchester due to travel, time and costs.

  5. When do I need to pay the remaining balance?

    You need to have paid in full 2 weeks before the date you have booked for. This can be paid in instalments from when you first booked or in one full payment. 

    Failure to pay your final balance on time may result in your booking being cancelled with no refund of your deposit.

  6. What happens once I've booked?

    We will ask for details of where the party will take place, your child's name and how old they will be. We will then contact you two weeks before your party to confirm details.

  7. Can I invite boys to the party?

    Of course you can! Our parties are pefectly girly, however, we include boys prizes too for no extra cost, just let us know at the time of booking.

  8. My venue has its own mascots and princesses but we want yours

    Unfortunately we cannot provide our services at any venue or establishment that offer their own princesses whether they be mascots or face characters like Princess Impersonations. We also cannot perform if you have booked another princess from another company to be present at your party. It is a conflict of interest and would not be appropriate. We are very strict on this policy whether it be a party or a fun day. 

  9. I want to book a princess for more then 1 hour.

    If you would like a princess to stay longer than our advertised packages, then this can be arranged (subject to availability). 

  10. I need to change my booking.

    If you need to change your booking then this is possible subject to availability. Changing any aspect of your booking might not be available due to other clients bookings taking place and therefore we advise that you are certain of all details at the time of booking. Any changes must be put in writing via email even if it has been discussed over the phone. Changes to your booking will incur an admin charge and possible travel charges if your venue is outside our travel area

  11. I want to make a booking but want to pay in cash.

    Princess Impersonations cannot accept cash on the day and all bookings must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to your event. If you do not have a bank account you are still able to pay into our account by depositing your cash at any RBS using the details we provide, however, RBS may charge you for this service and we therefore recommend that you check beforehand as Princess Impersonations are not liable to pay this charge.

  12. My party is several months away and a time has not been set, can I reserve a princess without a deposit?

    I'm afraid not. Due to our quality customers can book us upto 12 months in advance and therefore your time may not be available for your chosen Princess. To make a reservation we need the date, time, package & princess required along with where your party will be held.

  13. I am having a joint party, can I still have my chosen package?

    As long as your numbers stay within 20 children, you can still book your chosen package. You must inform us if you intend to have more then 20 children at the time of booking. Numbers exceeding 20 children will need to book an Extra Princess at the time of booking. We can only have 20 children per 1 entertainer and 30 children per 2 entertainers for any Party Package. Princess Visits are for an unlimited number of children. Please contact us to discuss your requirememnts.

  14. I have over 20 children attending

    Our packages clearly state that we include upto 20 children per package for 1 princess. You must inform us at the time of booking if you are intending on more children at your party as an Extra Princess will need to be booked. The maximum number we can have at any party is 30 children. This does not apply to the Princess Visit.

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The Day of the Party

  1. My venue want to take photo's of you to promote their parties is this ok?

    We cannot allow other establishments to promote their own services by using photos of our performers unless they agree to credit Princess Impersonations for supplying the Princesses. Establishments may use other princess companies for their entertainment and by using photos of our performers to promote their services can cause damage to our reputation and cause confussion in regard to which company provided the service. 

    Any business that want to take photos of our performers must contact our owner prior to the event to obtain a signed copy of the agreement.

    Video is strictly prohibited for promotional use as our scripts and performance are copyrighted. Parents whos child is attening the party are free to take photos and video if they wish.

  2. Will the Princess arrive already in costume?

    Yes, the Princess will arrive in costume and enter the party at her allocated time. Please note the Princess must start at the time you have booked.

  3. Will my daughter receive a present from the Princess?

    This depends on which package you choose. With our Party Packages the birthday girl always receives a gift from the Princess. This is always an official merchandice item that is themed to your chosen Princess. Game prizes are always official merchandise items. Not all children will receive a game prize. All our gifts and prizes are NOT suitable for under 3 years old. A Princess Visit and a Princess Appearance does not include gifts or prizes.

  4. Will you need a plug socket?

    Yes, a plug socket is required in order for us to play the themed music for the party.

  5. What happens when its time for the Princess to go?

    The Princess will let you know that it is time for her to leave and she will pack up her equipment. This is usually a good time for children to go and have something to eat. She will then say goodbye and leave.

  6. What is involved in 'Princess Sparkle' make-up?

    Child friendly make-up will be applied to each girl by our entertainer. Our make-up is not tested on animals, and washes off. This is only suitable for over 3 years old, unless permission is given by parent. Any parent wishing for their child not to take part in the Princess Sparkle make up must inform the performer on the day. Please note that makeup application takes time and if you have booked 1 princess she will be the one applying the makeup, therefore children may be waiting.

  7. Guests are running late, will I still receive my full hour?

    We recommend booking a princess to come at least 20 minutes after the start of your party to ensure all guests have arrived. The Princess must start at time booked for in order to receive your full package time as we have other clients booked throughout the day.

  8. I have decided I would like the princess to stay for longer.

    You can have a princess to stay for extra hours but this must be pre-arranged and paid for in advance and can not be arranged on the day as we have other clients booked and a schedule to keep.

  9. Some guests have arrived that said they couldn't make it bringing my total to over 20.

    Our parties are for upto 20 children. With our Royal Craft Parties we will bring 20 crowns only. Any number over this will not receive a crown unless previously arranged at the time of booking. We can only have a maximum of 20 children with one Princess and 30 children with 2 Princesses.

  10. Some guests have not arrived, can I get some money back?

    Our packages are clearly stated 'upto 20'. The price stated/ quoted is for upto 20 children and this is the basic price. We cannot give refunds or be held responsible for any children not attending your party if your total guest amount is below 20. 

  11. Will you bring in the cake and sing Happy Birthday?

    Our princesses cannot bring in your cake. This is because 1) the candles could set our costumes alight as they are flammable. 2) Our costumes are long and our performers may trip. Our princesses will sing happy birthday and gather all the children around to join in too. 

  12. There has been an accident and the performer is stuck in traffic, what do I do?

    We allow enough time for our performers to reach you, however, we cannot control traffic/accidents/weather.

    On rare occassions that our performers are late due to forces outside our control, we will do our best to notify you either via email, text or by calling your venue. We will never not turn up - ever. Please keep children inside so they do not see the performer arriving as they will be disappointed to learn we do not arrive by horse and carriage.

    Our performers will perform the full time that you have booked. 

    * In two days we had a car accident, trees thrown at our windshield by the wind and severe illness and we still managed to attend every party. We know how important your daughter's day is and we will do everything in our power to ensure she has a magical day.

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Insurance, Qualifications and CRB

  1. Are you insured?

    Yes. We have Public Liability Insurance upto £5 MILLION. If you book a venue, they sometimes will need a copy of our insurance which we can send to you via email.

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Cancellation & Refunds

  1. I have to cancel my booking. Can I get my money back?

    If you have to cancel your booking you may be able to have a refund. If you have cancelled more than two weeks before the booking date you are entitled to a refund minus the deposit. If cancellation occurs within two weeks of the date you have booked then unfortunately no refund can be given. Deposits are non-refundable.

    No refund will be given once our service has been carried out.

    Princess Impersonations reserve the right to cancel a booking. We will only cancel a booking under extreme circumstances that are beyond our control. In such a case you will receive 100% refund. Rest assured we have never cancelled a booking since opening 6 years ago.

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